Commonly used types of LED light strips in hotel and home interior decoration

Commonly used types of LED light strips in hotel and home interior decoration

LED light strips are quite popular in hotel, resort and home decoration, as they not only enhance the sense of spatial layering and enrich the lighting environment but also add ambiance and character to the space. Depending on the requirements, we can utilize light strips to achieve various forms, including straight lines and curves. Moreover, light strips can achieve a subtle “visible light, invisible source” effect, aligning well with the current trend of minimalistic lighting design without a central overhead light. So, how should we go about designing and applying light strips? Today, we’ll delve into the topic of LED light strips.


What is an LED light strip?

An LED light strip, also known as an LED tape, LED flexible strip, light ribbon, or flexible light strip, refers to a configuration where LED lights are soldered onto copper wires or flexible circuit boards. These lights are then connected to a power source to emit illumination. The name comes from the shape of the strip. LED light strips find extensive applications in areas such as interior and exterior design, advertising, signage, furniture, and more.

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The function of LED light strips primarily serves two purposes: providing supplementary lighting and creating a decorative ambiance.

There are various types of LED light strips. Currently, the commonly used ones in hotel and home interior decoration include low-voltage light strips, frameless aluminum profile light strips, high-voltage light strips, and T5 fluorescent tube light strips. Each of these types has the following characteristics:


Low-Voltage Light Strip:

The low-voltage light strip offers excellent flexibility, allowing it to be easily curved and cut to various shapes. It is energy-efficient, eco-friendly, generates minimal heat, has a long lifespan, and offers versatile lighting colors. Equipped with a PVC sleeve, it becomes more resistant to water and moisture, making it suitable for spaces like bathrooms. Although the price of low-voltage light strips is slightly higher, their applications are extensive. They are ideal for ceiling designs and provide safer options when installed on cabinets, shelves, and flooring. Opting for a reputable brand is recommended. For instance, this RAZOR low-voltage light strip by LEDEAS boasts high color accuracy, strong color rendering capabilities, uniform illumination without dark spots, and convenient self-adhesive installation.

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Frameless Aluminum Profile Light Strip:

Compared to traditional low-voltage light strips, the frameless aluminum profile light strip features an aluminum groove and a PVC diffuser with high light transmittance. This configuration ensures even and soft lighting without visible particles or jagged edges, while also enhancing heat dissipation. Installation involves creating a groove on plasterboard for secure placement, followed by joint compound application and painting.

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High-Voltage Light Strip:

The high-voltage light strip operates directly on 220V high-voltage electricity without requiring a transformer. This allows for longer strip lengths, ranging from tens to about a hundred meters. While offering higher power and cost-effectiveness, these strips emit relatively harsh light and pose an elevated risk of electric shock. As a result, they are now mostly avoided in residential interior design.

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T5 Fluorescent Tube:

T5 fluorescent tubes are tubular light fixtures characterized by uniform illumination and high brightness. They are easy to install and maintain. However, these lights have fixed lengths, limited adaptability to spaces, higher power consumption, and are not suitable for creating ambient lighting. They are commonly used in spaces requiring high brightness, such as kitchens and dining areas, but are less advisable for bedrooms.

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