At Jiasheng, a leading custom LED strip manufacturer in China, we specialize in crafting personalized LED strips that cater to your specific needs. Our experienced team of designers and engineers at Jiasheng is committed to providing you with the most cost-effective solutions for custom LED strips. This includes a wide range of customization options, from simple to complex PCB designs, ensuring that Jiasheng meets all your requirements.

Experience top-quality, tailored LED solutions with Jiasheng.

Select Your Custom LED Strips with Complete Customization

Find personalized LED strips tailored to your precise requirements at Jiasheng, one of China’s premier custom LED strip manufacturers. Our adept designers and engineers can accommodate your needs at budget-friendly rates, whether you require straightforward or intricate PCB designs. You have the freedom to customize the following aspects:

Color Rendering Index (CRI) for Strip Lights

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce the colors of real objects. A higher CRI indicates a more precise color representation. Jiasheng offers the flexibility to customize strip lights with CRI ratings that align with various lighting requirements and tailor them to customer specifications.

Accessories for Strip Lights

We offer a range of professional accessories, including controllers and connectors, which encompass but are not limited to our LED lighting solutions.

Strip Light Dimensions

We have the capability to manufacture custom LED strip lights in any desired shape and size to meet your specific requirements and practical applications.

Customizing Strip Light Settings

We will offer you a variety of wattage and brightness options for customized strip lights, along with professional guidance on PCB design and circuit design based on your specified cutting device.

Strip Light IP Ratings

For versatile use in various environments, our strip lights come with different surface finishes and IP ratings, including IP65, IP66, and IP68.

Programmable Strip Lights

With more than a decade of experience in significant national lighting projects, our expert engineers can create dynamic programs using magic color strip lights, synchronizing them with both sound and lighting, incorporating images and videos.

Optional Accessories for Custom Strip Lights

We offer an optional selection of accessories, electrical components, and controllers to streamline and simplify installations.

Aluminum Channels for Strip Lights

Our slim aluminum profiles are designed to accommodate strips of various widths. You can easily affix the strip light by placing its adhesive backing inside the aluminum channel and snapping on the diffuser cover.

Power Supplies for Strip Lights

Jiasheng offers power supplies tailored to your strip's specific needs. Our range includes single-output power supplies, along with a variety of constant voltage options, each equipped with a constant current driver.

Connectors and Plugs for LED Strips

Enhance your strip lights with the extensive range of strip connectors and plugs from JIASHENG. We provide 2- to 5-pin connectors for single-color and multi-color LED strips, along with customized plugs to conform to national standards and variations.

Strip Light Controllers and Remote

You can easily and freely control and schedule your RGB strip lights in various flashing modes using the Magic Home Pro app, simply by connecting the strip lights to your WiFi network.

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