How to Customize Flexible Wall Washers from a LED Wall Washer Manufacturer

How to Customize Flexible Wall Washers from a LED Wall Washer Manufacturer

Customized flexible wall washers are a good choice for architectural and interior lighting designs, providing excellent lighting and decoration. But how do LED wall washer manufacturers implement customized flexible wall washers?
As a professional LED wall washer manufacturer, JEV has more than 13 years of experience in LED light strip manufacturing, providing you with fully customized LED wall washers as well as other LED light strips, neon flexible light strips, etc., in this article, JEV will introduce to you in this article how to customize flexible LED wall washers from LED wall washer manufacturers.

Types of LED Wall Washers

LED wall washers can be divided into flexible LED wall washers and rigid LED wall washers due to their different hardness and structures.

  • Flexible LED Wall Washer
    Flexible LED wall washers are used to design indoor and outdoor wall washers because of their bendability and good light efficiency. Flexible LED wall washers are waterproof can be used in outdoor lighting designs and come in rich colors. The strong tape on their back can stick them firmly to the wall, so the flexible wall washers can also be installed on curved surfaces.
  • Rigid LED Wall Washer
    Rigid LED wall washers are also called projector lights. Rigid wall washers are the traditional or classic form of wall washers. LED lights are mounted in long, sturdy aluminum strips in wall washers to achieve a wall-wash lighting effect. However, rigid wall washers cannot be bent.

Flexible VS Rigid Wall Washer, Which One is Better

Through the following table we can see the comparison between flexible wall washers and rigid wall washers:

Wall washer

Flexible wall washer

Rigid wall washer


Strong, suitable for curved or irregular surfaces

Limited, suitable for flat or straight surfaces


Customizable in size, color and beam angle

The length is fixed and the shape cannot be bent. The normal unit is one meter, which is not suitable for curved walls


Can be cut to length as required

Cannot be cut


Small size, lower transportation costs

Packaging and shipping costs are higher

Therefore, to sum up, flexible LED wall washers are more personalized and more competitive in terms of cost and application.

5 Steps to Customize Flexible LED Wall Washers from LED Wall Washers Manufacturer


Step 1: Determine lighting effects

Before customizing LED wall washers, first determine the lighting effect you want. This is the first and most important step. For example, you can consider ambiance, light intensity, and size. If you’re after a modern and vibrant atmosphere, you might consider RGB color-changing LED wall washers, and if you want to highlight specific architectural details, you might want to consider focused and directional lighting first. For example, in a museum environment, artwork can be accentuated with adjustable brightness and color temperature.

Step 2: Choose Color Shape

The choice of color and shape will affect the overall effect of the LED needs, for a stylish and modern look, monochromatic tones, such as cool white or warm white. We can provide you with LED wall washers in gold, ice blue, RGB, RGBW, and other colors. Our flexible LED wall washer has a waterproof rating of IP66, which makes it waterproof and stress-free for outdoor use. Additionally, explore a variety of shapes such as linear strips, angled designs, or even customize shapes for a unique touch.


Step 3: Determine the Appropriate Size and Length

After you decide on the light and color, you need to decide on the length and size. You can use a measuring tool such as a tape measure to measure the dimensions of your lighting area. If you’re lighting a long hallway, choose longer light strips to ensure even coverage. To highlight smaller features, such as niches or specific architectural elements, shorter, more focused LED strips may be suitable. Flexible LED wall washers are very soft and can be cut to your size.

Step 4: Consult a Trusted Flexible Wall Washer Manufacturer

Consulting a trusted flexible LED wall washer manufacturer can be a great help in customizing it to your individual needs. We will customize flexible LED wall washer services for you and provide you with more professional suggestions.

Step 5: Quality Assurance

Before customizing flexible LED wall washers, make sure the chosen manufacturer adheres to quality standards and certifications. JEV is a reliable LED strip light manufacturer with ISO9001 quality management system certification, we can provide you with high-quality flexible LED wall washers.

Following the above five steps, you can customize a suitable flexible LED wall washer from the flexible wall washer manufacturer.


Customizing LED wall washers from flexible LED wall washer manufacturers can enhance lighting effects through customized lighting solutions. By considering design elements and using customization options, you can achieve unique and impactful lighting that enhances the beauty of any environment.

If you want to customize a flexible LED wall washer, contact JEV LED strip manufacturer immediately, we will provide you with a customized flexible LED wall washer solution.

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