How are LED Light Strips Applied in Hotel and Home Interior Decoration?

How are LED Light Strips Applied in Hotel and Home Interior Decoration?

The previous article introduced the characteristics and installation methods of different types of LED light strips. In this article, we will discuss the practical applications of LED light strip design in interior decoration. There are several common applications:

Ceiling Design:

LED light strips are highly compatible with ceiling designs, complementing suspended designs alongside recessed lights and spotlights. This combination creates a soft, bright, and atmospheric home ambiance. Especially in scenarios without a central overhead light, utilizing suspended designs highlights an overall minimalist and spacious visual effect with distinct layers. The halo of light produced by the light strips imparts a sense of flowing and graceful illumination. There are various ways to design ceiling-mounted light strips, allowing you to select an approach that suits your room size and design style. The most common ceiling designs encompass the following:

  • Traditional Cove Ceiling:

Adding light troughs to a cove ceiling is a more traditional method, resulting in a wash of light on the ceiling surface.

LED strip light cove ceiling
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  • Double-Layered Ceiling (Eyelid Ceiling):

Double-layered ceilings, also known as eyelid ceilings, have gained popularity recently due to their simple and elegant decorative effect. They involve stacking an additional layer of gypsum board atop a traditional cove ceiling, creating a layered effect with varying heights.

For a double-layered ceiling with light strips, it usually involves directly slotting the light strips into grooves on the gypsum board. You can choose to place the light strips in different positions based on your preferences, typically on the shorter side of the gypsum board or underneath the edge of the ceiling, resulting in different directions of light emission.

LED strip light used in double layered ceiling
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Suspended Ceiling:

For suspended ceilings, grooves are left around the top perimeter. The ceiling is divided into perimeter sections and a central flat section. Light troughs are typically placed around the perimeter of the central flat section. This visually creates a “suspended” effect, where the central and perimeter sections can be level or have varying heights.

For spaces with a finished ceiling height of under 3 meters, the width of the light trough is approximately 10-12 centimeters, with a depth of around 10-15 centimeters. In cases where the ceiling height is limited, the depth can be controlled at around 10 centimeters. For ceilings higher than 3 meters, the light trough can be made wider and deeper, but it’s advisable to keep it under 20 centimeters to maintain optimal lighting effects.

LED strip light used in suspended ceiling
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Flush Ceiling:

On a flush ceiling, LED light strips can be positioned near the walls to create a wall-washing effect.

Not only can light strips be added above the feature wall, but they can also be integrated into curtain boxes. When combined with sheer curtains, they create a more diffuse and gentle lighting effect.

LED strip light used in flush ceiling
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Wall Surface:

Combining light strips with wall designs adds an elegant and understated atmosphere to the space. Common positions include TV feature walls, sofa background walls, headboard feature walls, and staircase walls. Employing light strips enriches the design of these background walls while enhancing overall space illumination. Wall-mounted light strips can outline shapes and contours. Regardless of the direction of the light, ample space must be left for the light to achieve a “blending” effect.

LED strip light used in wall surface
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Light strips offer versatile uses, not only being applied to ceilings and walls but also as decorative elements on the floor. They are commonly used under elevated platforms, beneath staircases, and along baseboards. Whether for creating ambiance or providing illumination, light strips are both attractive and practical. When combined with motion sensors, they can serve as night lights, offering convenient functionality. Adding light strips to staircases solves lighting issues and enhances their artistic appeal, transforming otherwise plain staircases into sophisticated features.

LED strip light used in flooring
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Combining customized cabinets with light strip design is a popular choice, particularly as more people opt for display-style storage cabinets at home. The combination of light strips and glass cabinet doors is highly practical. For instance, sensor-activated light strips in wardrobes ease clothing retrieval. Similarly, installing light strips beneath wall-mounted kitchen cabinets or TV cabinets solves inadequate lighting issues while also emphasizing those areas.

LED strip light used in cabinets
LED strip light within cabinets
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Considerations to Keep In Mind When Using Light Strips:


Light strip design should be carefully planned in the initial design phase to prevent oversights during the renovation process, as remedies applied later might not yield optimal results.

For low-voltage light strips, pay attention to the positioning of transformers, ensuring effective concealment.

While the primary function of light strips is to create ambiance, they also contribute to illumination. It’s advisable to purchase light strips with no flicker, reducing potential eye strain.

If you intend to install light strips in bathrooms, select strips with waterproof and dustproof ratings. Check the IP protection level, with IP67 being sufficient for water resistance.

The color temperature of light strips typically ranges from 2700K to 6500K. Choose according to your home’s decor style and color scheme. Common choices include 3000K warm white and 4000K natural white, which offer comfortable and cozy lighting effects. Adjustable color light strips and RGB color light strips are also available, allowing you to switch colors to create different settings. For instance, the popular trend of gaming room design can be enhanced with the Xiaomi Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip. It boasts stunning lighting effects, smartphone app control, and customizable color adjustments.

The brightness of light strips depends on the strip’s power and the number of LEDs per unit length. Higher power results in brighter lights, and more LEDs lead to increased brightness.

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