How to Remove LED Strip Lights

How to Remove LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are ideal for setting the mood and brightening spaces. However, when it’s time to redecorate a room or address loose LED strips, it becomes crucial to remove them from the wall. Understanding how to uninstall LED strip lights without leaving any marks is essential.

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Learn About LED Light Strip Adhesives

Before taking down LED strip lights, it’s important to understand the adhesive used to attach them to the wall. Different adhesives have varying levels of stickiness and possess different properties. The impact on the wall can also vary depending on the nature of the adhesive used.
Here are some common adhesive options for mounting LED light strips on walls:

  • Double-Sided Tape: Double-sided tape is a popular choice for mounting LED light strips. It is easy to apply and provides a strong bond.
  • 3M Command Strips: 3M Command Strips are designed for damage-free hanging and are suitable for LED light strip installation. They are easy to remove without damaging the wall surface.
  • Adhesive Velcro Strips: Velcro strips with adhesive backing can be used to attach LED light strips to walls. They offer flexibility as the strips can be easily removed and repositioned.
  • Epoxy Resin: Epoxy resin can provide a strong and permanent bond, but it’s more labor-intensive and may not be as easily removable as other options.
  • Hot Glue: Hot glue can be used for a quick and secure attachment, especially in areas where the LED light strip won’t be frequently moved. Keep in mind that hot glue may leave residue when removed.
  • Liquid Mounting Adhesive: Liquid mounting adhesives are suitable for securing LED light strips to walls. They often come in a tube or a can and provide a strong bond.

5 Steps on Safe Disassembly Guidelines for LED Light Strips

After gaining knowledge about the adhesive used to affix LED light strips to the wall, it is important to ascertain the specific adhesive type employed for our LED light strips. Once identified, we can then commence the process of removing the LED light strips.

Step1: Disconnect Power Source

Before attempting to disassemble the LED light strip, please ensure that the power is turned off. Locate the connection points on the LED light strip according to the wiring markings, and then safely disconnect the wires to avoid electric shock.

Step2: Confirm the Adhesive Used and Bonding Method

Removing LED light strips that have been attached with various adhesives can be approached differently depending on the type of adhesive used. Here are general guidelines and examples for removing LED light strips installed with different adhesives:

1. Double-Sided Tape:
Please start from one end, apply steady and even pressure, and slowly peel the tape away from the wall.

2. 3M Command Strips:
Follow the instructions provided by 3M for removing Command Strips. Typically, it involves pulling the tab in the direction of the wall.

3. Adhesive Velcro Strips:
Gently separate the Velcro strips by pulling them apart. If the LED strip is attached using Velcro with adhesive backing, carefully peel the two sides apart.

4. Epoxy Resin:
Apply heat to soften the epoxy and use a tool, such as a putty knife, to carefully pry the LED strip away.
If epoxy resin was used, use a heat gun or hairdryer to warm the epoxy before attempting to pry the strip off.

5. Hot Glue:
Apply heat using a heat gun or hairdryer to soften the hot glue, then gently pry the LED strip off.

6. Liquid Mounting Adhesive:
Use a solvent recommended for the specific adhesive type to weaken the bond, then carefully peel or scrape off the LED strip. If a liquid adhesive was used, apply a solvent according to the product’s instructions before attempting removal.

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Step3: Remove Any Additional Fixtures

If there are additional fixtures, such as diffusers or covers, remove them first. This might involve unscrewing or unclipping them.

Step4: Gently Remove the LED Strip

Once the adhesive is loosened or the mounting brackets are detached, gently pull the LED strip away from the surface. Take care not to damage the strip or the surface it’s attached to.

Step5: Clean the Surface

If the LED strip was attached with adhesive, there may be residue left on the surface. Use a gentle adhesive remover or isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth to clean the area.

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Remove LED Light Strip from Different Wall Surfaces

The methods for removing LED light strips from different wall surfaces vary. Here are general guidelines for disassembling LED light strips from various types of wall surfaces:

1. Painted Drywall:
Removal Method: Gently peel off the adhesive or mounting hardware used. If residue remains, use a mild adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol to clean the wall.

2. Wood Paneling:
Removal Method: Carefully detach the LED light strips from any clips or brackets. If adhesive residue is present, use a suitable wood cleaner to clean the surface.

3. Tile or Glass:
Removal Method: Use caution to avoid damaging the surface. Gently pry the LED light strips away, and if adhesive residue is left, use a mild adhesive remover suitable for the surface.

4. Brick or Concrete:
Removal Method: Carefully detach the LED light strips, and for adhesive residue, consider using a solvent suitable for concrete or brick surfaces. Avoid excessive force to prevent wall damage.

5. Textured or Wallpapered Walls:
Removal Method: Slowly peel off the LED light strips, taking care not to damage the textured or wallpapered surface. If needed, use a mild adhesive remover on any remaining residue.


Remember to consult the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of your LED strip lights, as installation methods can vary.
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