JEV Jiasheng Flexible Neon Strip Light Recommendations

JEV Jiasheng Flexible Neon Strip Light Recommendations

LED flexible neon strip light is a high-end professional linear lighting decoration product, which is integrated with unique optical technology silicone shell and extrusion process. Neon strips emit uniform and continuous light, with strong penetrability and comfortable light feeling.

Because of its soft and malleable properties, it is sought after by designers and engineering companies. Flexible neon strip lights are widely used in various outdoor building lighting projects, scenic landmark outlines, indoor space art decoration, advertising signs, and holiday decorations. And applications such as atmosphere decoration in commercial and entertainment venues. At the same time, flexible neon strip lights have excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and high protective performance. They can be widely used both indoors and outdoors, and have huge market application value and capacity.

Neon Flexible Strip Light Product Features

  1. Glow Effect

    LED neon strip lights can produce bright, vivid, continuous and uniform luminous effects. They can present a variety of colors, such as red, green, blue, etc., as well as dynamic flashing, gradient, breathing and other effects to create unique visual effects.
  2. Strong plasticity

    JEV Jiasheng Lighting’s LED neon strip lights adopt a silicone solid core extrusion molding process, which has extremely high flexibility and plasticity. They can be bent, twisted and installed on surfaces with various curves, angles and shapes to adapt to different decorative needs, such as building outlines, signage, interior decoration, etc.
  3. Energy saving and high efficiency

    LED neon strip lights use LED as the light source, mainly 12V/24V voltage, with power less than 10W/meter, with low energy consumption and high luminous efficiency. Compared with traditional neon lights, LED neon strip lights can save energy and reduce energy consumption, and have a longer service life. In addition, LED technology also features fast start-up, flicker-free and vibration resistance.
  4. safe and reliable

    LED neon strips are powered by low voltage, usually 12V or 24V, with lower voltage and current, thus reducing the risk of electric shock and fire. JEV Jiasheng Lighting’s LED neon strip products have the characteristics of high light transmittance, high protection and waterproof performance, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion in salt liquids, and resistance to yellowing, embrittlement, deformation and aging.
  5. Convenient installation

    The LED neon strip light is quick to install. The length can be adjusted and connected by cutting or connectors. It is equipped with a special card slot. During installation, you only need to fix the card slot first and then install the strip light. They are also compatible with various control systems, such as remote controls, dimmers, smart home systems, etc., to achieve functions such as timing, adjustment and switching of lights.

Jev Jiasheng Lighting Led Flexible Neon Strip Light Series

1. Front-lighting silicone neon strip light

JEV Jiasheng Lighting’s soft light series positive curved neon strip light products are made of high-transmittance environmentally friendly silicone material, two-color silicone integrated extrusion molding process, high-end appearance; professional optical design, uniform and soft light, comfortable light feeling; large bending angle, flexible Cutting, the product has complete color temperatures and various types. It has different sizes of light-emitting surfaces such as 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, etc., and can be used in diverse scenarios. The product has high light transmittance, high protection and waterproof performance, and salt acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and can be widely used in outdoor lighting environments and facilities.

2835 120P Single Side Silicone Strip Light

2. Single side neon strips

JEV Jiasheng Lighting’s soft light series side-curved neon strip lights are made of high-transmittance environmentally friendly silicone material, and the two-color silicone integrated extrusion molding process is comfortable to the touch; professional optical design, uniform light color and linear emission; product color temperature is complete and diverse, including 4mm, Flexible neon strip lights with different sizes of 6mm and 8mm luminous surfaces; large bending angle, minimum bending diameter can reach 25mm, flexible cutting, can shape various shapes, text, graphics, suitable for diverse scenes. The product has high light transmittance, IP66 high protection performance, resistance to salt liquid, acid and alkali corrosion and UV resistance. It can be used for outdoor architectural lighting, contour outline, atmosphere decoration and advertising signage applications.

2835 120P Single Side-PVC-3
2835 120P Single Side PVC Strip Light

3. 360° neon strip light

JEV Jiasheng Lighting’s 360°neon strip light is made of highly transparent soft silicone material. It emits light throughout the whole body, with even light and no shadows. It has strong flexibility, simple and fashionable appearance, and can easily create various shapes, highlighting the beauty of flexible line light. This product adopts a silicone solid core extrusion molding process and reaches an IP65 outdoor waterproof rating, making it suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor scenarios. Minimalist design and a variety of installation accessories allow designers to create personalized artistic lighting design beauty in three-dimensional spatial scenes!

120P 360 Degree PVC 2835 Strip Light
120P 360 Degree PVC 2835 Strip Light

JEV Jiasheng Lighting’s LED flexible neon strips have a complete range of product types, specifications, and configurations, which can fully meet the needs of diverse and personalized application scenarios. Product performance is stable and in line with market trends and customer needs, and we continue to provide our customers with highly competitive and innovative neon lighting products and customized solutions.

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