LED 3528 SMD: A Full Guide

LED 3528 SMD: A Full Guide

Lighting fixtures have evolved from ages ago and now LED technology is changing the game entirely. Nowadays, technology has improved, and incorporating them into our daily lives has become even more accessible. The custom LED light strip is a classic example of these inventions. So what does LED 3528 SMD mean? And how is it useful in our lives? Buckle up as we dive into the details of what a 3528 is and how to apply it.

What Does 3528 Mean?

All LED lights have their unique name; 3528 represents the chip of the particular LED light. For the 3528, it means the dimension of the chip is 35mm × 28mm. The 3528 is small, but its size is advantageous since it can be packed closer, producing more light. The lights are also SMD, meaning the LED is mounted on the strip. The benefit of an SMD light is that it is more effective than other types. More people use this type of LED light due to its several advantages.

3528 LED Strip Lights Specifications

If you wonder why the 3528 LED strip lights are more popular, worry no more. The lights are famous in the market because of their features. 3528 SMD LED specifications include;

Quick installation: it is easy to install the 3528 LED strip lights since they have an adhesive at the backside to stick on the wall or other surfaces. You can install the lights very quickly with no need for professional help.
Effectiveness: the lights have a guaranteed performance for many years. When purchasing the lights, they give you a warranty of up to 5 years. It suggests that the company trusts its products.
Dimmable: imagine having lights that you can dim whenever you want? Yes, the LED 3528 is fully dimmable to the minimum capacity and brightened up to the maximum capacity. The lights come with remotes for regulation.
High density: You can have about 120 LEDs in every meter due to their small size.
Strong construction: the LED 3528 SMD has vital elements that durable conductivity. The strong conductivity is due to the double-layer pure copper. This property also helps in the prevention of voltage drop.
Even distribution: the angles on the strip lights contribute to the even distribution of light in your space.
Color variation: 3528 SMD comes in various colors. You can have a red light, 3528 warm white LED strip, green LED light, etc.

Applications of LED 3528 SMD

Every LED light is applicable in different situations that make them most useful. For LED 3528, it is relevant in the following ways;

In jewelry-making factories, you can use the LED 3528 to ensure precision in the jewelry-making process.
Staircase lighting does not require too bright light; the LED 3528 is fully dimmable, meaning your staircase will have the appropriate lighting.
In inspection labs, LED lights are beneficial. The lab technician will see more clearly than using the regular lights.
If you want to advertise your business, why not use LED signage? They are very visible and will attract prospects to your premises.
The 3528 SMD is also great for event lighting and another outdoor lighting. Make your event unique and blow the minds of your guests with the different LED colors.
You can also utilize the lights at homes, restaurants, bars, etc. They make the place look sophisticated and eccentric.
The lights are also helpful in operational theaters. Such places require optimum functionality in every aspect, lighting included.

Types of 3528 LED Strip Lights

There are various lighting fixtures, and some LED strip lights manufacturers understand this need. The types of LED strip lights we offer include the following.

3528 SMD 60 LEDs/m: it has 60 LEDs positioned on one meter of the strip. It consumes 4.8 watts per meter and has a PCB width of 8mm and a voltage requirement of 12V DC. It is a single-row LED; hence it doesn’t take up much room and is ideal for lighting tiny spaces. The LED light strip is available in various colors.
3528 SMD 120 LEDs/m: this light has 120 LEDs per meter of the strip but has the same width as the 60 one. It is a good feature for any lighting fixture since the strip is bright but narrow, fitting even in small spaces. Due to this property, it is regarded as the most popular among other 3528 SMD lights. Its usage is 9.6 watts per meter and is also available in various colors.
3528 SMD 240 LEDs/m Single Row: in this type, 240 LEDs are mounted per meter of the strip in a single row. It makes the lights brighter and applicable in various situations. The width of the strip is 10mm and consumes 19.2 watts/meter of energy. It is available in different colors.
3528 SMD 240 LEDs/m Double row: the double row 240 lights have 240 LEDs per meter of the strip. Unlike the single row, the LEDs are mounted in a double row with a width of 15mm. This type of light is best for places that need very bright lights. They also consume 19.2 watts per meter and are available in several colors.

3528 vs. 5050 vs. 5630

These three LED strip lights to have some differences that identify them from the rest. So which one is more suitable for you? Below are some facts to guide you.

Dimensions3.5mm × 2.8mm5.0mm × 5.0mm5.6mm × 3.0mm
Surface area(chip)9.8mm225mm216.8mm2
Lumen flux6 – 816 – 2245 – 50
Power consumption20-30 mA @ 2.8-3.4 volts60 mA @ 2.8-3.4 volts150 mA @ 2.8-3.4 volts
colorWhite, red, blue, green, yellow, and warm whiteWhite. Red. blue, green, yellow, RGB, and warm whiteAvailable in all colors

In simple terms, the brightest light is the 5630, but it consumes a lot of energy compared to the others. The 3528 is more advantageous since you save cost and conserve energy; the 3528 LED wattage is lower compared to the rest. For SMD 3528 vs. 5050, the 5050 RGB LED strip light is the moderate choice. Overall, the LED 3528 SMD is preferable in many situations because of its suitable properties.

3528 LED Strip Lights Installation

3528 LED power consumption makes it suitable for installation in several spaces. There are simple steps to follow while installing the 3528 LED strip lights; they are as follows;

  1. 3528 SMD LED strip connector connects the power supply and the receiver box. Ensure you align them so the arrows point to each other for proper alignment. 
  2. Test the remote to ensure both the lights and the remote are functional.
  3. Choose a proper location for the strip and stick it on the surface. Remove the adhesive carefully and stick it where you would like. 


The LED 3528 SMD is a good choice for LED lighting. Its applications go beyond familiar places like home and office. You can use it in bars, restaurants, and even events. At Elstar, we make the most versatile LED strip lights that will transform your space into a fantasy world. We understand each of our clients and create products that suit their different needs. What better way to start your LED journey than with an LED 3528 SMD? You will never regret that decision. Contact us now for any information about LED strip lights.

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