The Benefits of COB Led Strip Lighting Technology

The Benefits of COB Led Strip Lighting Technology

Led strips are the latest lighting technology that are both efficient and energy saving. An led strip consists of several led light emitters. They are flexile and can be mounted anywhere you like using the adhesive tape that is the back of the strip. There are several types of led strips and the latest one that has become popular is the cob led lighting, abbreviation for Chip on Board. This is a best seller for any led strip lights manufacturer. If you are looking for an improved version of led lighting without the dot effect, cob led lights is your answer.

Cob Light Vs Led

The technology used to produce cob strip lights is pretty much the same for all leds. However, for cob led lights, several flip chip leds are then positioned side by side on the strip. A phosphor layer is placed over the cob led lights as the final step for color balancing and to protect the flip chips underneath. Cob led lights have become a favorite of many led light users. With cob led lighting, your led experience becomes better and brighter, no more led hotspots.

Advantages of Cob Led Strip Light

When in the market for led lighting, it is best to make comparisons between the existing technologies. For instance, cob vs smd led lighting, what makes one stand out from the other?Make sure that you analyse each factor that differentiates them and make a decision depending on your needs and preferences. So why should you choose cob led lights over all the other types of led lights?

There are some common features that apply to all kinds of led lights but cob led lights have some unique aspects that make them a preferred choice for many. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of cob led lights.

No Led Spots
There is one major disadvantage of led lighting that most people experience with the other versions of led lights, led hotspots. With cob led lights, you can say goodbye to those annoying led spots. Cob led strips emit a smooth and harmonious light all through, and it is impossible to pick out any spots with the naked eye. The only way you would be able to notice any spots with cob led lights is if you look at the back of the cob led chip or if you dim the cob led light to almost 5%.

Brighter Light
The multiple led flip chips used to make cob led lights illuminate much more light as compared to single leds. In comparison to smd leds which are enclosed inside a plastic holder, cob led strips emit light at a wider angle and cover a larger space making them ideal for high ceilings, street lighting and are widely used for film making. Cob strip lights are also the most common type of lighting used in trade shows for displays.

Light Control
Just like any other type of led, cob led lighting can be controlled and adjusted to your liking. If you feel like the light is too bright, you can always turn it down. The strips also come in different colors and can be used for decorations in parties and events. You can control your cob led light using different apps such as alexa on your phone.

It can also be controlled using a special remote that comes with the package. Cob strip lights also come with different accessories that make them a user-friendly option. This makes it a very efficient and convenient form of lighting.

Longer Lifespan
The cost of acquiring a single cob led light might be higher than any other type of led, but if you get your hands on a high quality one, you are assured of at least 30,000hrs of usage, that is a lifespan of over three years. Even a regular electric bulb cannot last you that long. A cob led light does not contain any parts that can burn due to prolonged use. You get to enjoy the other benefits of cob led lighting for an even longer period of time.

More Flexibility
The led strips used for cob led lights are much smaller in size compared to others. The smaller diode size allows for even weight distribution making the strips more flexible. The flexibility makes it easier to fit the strips in different areas of the chip board. With cob led lighting, you do not have to worry about led strips sticking out in areas you don’t want them to appear. You can also cut the strips to the level that you want them to be.

Energy Saving
If you compare cob light vs led, the one feature that applies to both of them is the fact that they consume less energy in comparison to incandescent bulbs. This makes them a better option for continuous use. It is, therefore, an environmentally friendly form of lighting. You can save on those electricity bills by investing in a quality cob led light.

Safer Light Source
With cob led chip, there are no safety concerns that are common with electrical lighting sources. You do not have to worry about electrical shocks or fires with cob led lights. The led cob lights come with waterproof tubes that make them safe to use even in the bathroom without having to worry about getting shocked.

Unlimited Use
A regular light bulb is commonly used for just lighting and nothing else. With cob led lighting, your creativity is what matters. You can use cob led lights for literally everything from lighting to growing plants. Other uses of cob led lights include decorations and are also used in cinemas and theatres for filmmaking. The list is endless when it comes to ways you can use your cob led chip.


There are so many options for led strips lights available for different uses. Depending on the kind of project you have, you will be able to make the best decision. However, cob strip lights are a one time solution to many lighting needs and can be applied in different industries. Some led strip light manufacturers offer to make custom led strip lights for you upon request. If you want to have the best lighting experience while also reducing your carbon footprint, opt for cob led lighting options. If you have any inquiries about cob led lights, do not hesitate to check out our FAQ section.

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