Waterproof LED Strips Buying Guide From Waterproof LED Strip Lights Factory

Waterproof LED Strips Buying Guide From Waterproof LED Strip Lights Factory

LED strip lights have evolved into a fundamental component of contemporary lighting design, providing versatility and an aesthetic charm. When considering outdoor applications or spaces susceptible to moisture, waterproof LED strip lights emerge as the ideal choice. 

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Customize Your Waterproof LED Strip Lights


  • IP RATE: IP65/IP66/IP68
  • VOLTAGE: 12V/24V/36V/48V/220V
  • MATERIAL: PVC/Silicone
  • LED TYPE: 2835/5730/5050 etc.
  • POWER (W/M): 8-10W/9-11W/10-12W/11-13W etc.

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In this article, we’ll take you through the realm of waterproof LED strip lights, with a particular focus on understanding IP ratings and selecting the most suitable product to meet your requirements.


Understanding Waterproof LED Strip Lights


What Are Waterproof LED Strip Lights?

Waterproof LED strip lights are flexible circuits embedded with LED chips and encased in a protective layer that shields them from water, dust, and other environmental elements. These versatile lighting solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications, from accent lighting in bathrooms to dazzling outdoor displays.

Benefits of Using Waterproof LED Strip Lights

The advantages of waterproof LED strip lights extend beyond their aesthetic appeal. They are energy-efficient, durable, and offer vibrant illumination. Moreover, they are easy to install, making them a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts and professional designers alike.


Deciphering IP Ratings


What Exactly is an IP Rating?

IP (Ingress Protection) ratings serve as an indicator of a product’s ability to fend off intrusion by both solids and liquids. In the context of waterproof LED strip lights, IP ratings play a crucial role in helping consumers gauge the level of protection provided.

The Significance of the First Digit

The initial digit within an IP rating is a clear indicator of safeguarding against solids, encompassing elements like dust and debris. These ratings span from 0 (indicating no protection) to 6 (representing complete dust-tightness).

The Significance of the Second Digit

Conversely, the second digit within the IP rating elucidates the extent of protection against liquids. These ratings range from 0 (signifying no protection) to 9 (reflecting defense against potent, high-temperature jets of water).

It becomes evident that IP ratings are formulated by amalgamating the first and second digits from the respective columns. Refer to the example below for clarification.

IP Rating Chart

Degree of Protection

1st Digit-SOLID

*Degree of protection against solid objects

2nd Digit-LIQUID

*Degree of protection against water


No Protection

No Protection


Protected against a solid object greater than 50mm, such as a hand.

Protected against water drops.


Protected against solid objects larger than 12.5mm, like a finger.

Protected against water drops at a 15-degree angle.


Protected against solid objects larger than 2.5mm, such as a wire.

Protected against water spray at a 60-degree angle.


Protected against solid objects larger than 1.0mm, like a thin strap.

Protected against water splashing from any direction.


Dust Protected. Prevents the entry of dust sufficient to cause harm.

Protected against water jets from any direction.


Dust tight. No dust ingress.

Protected against powerful water jets and heavy seas.



Protected against temporary submersion in water (30 minutes at 3 feet).



Protected against permanent submersion in water (Up to 13 feet).


The Difference Between IP65, IP66 & IP68

The distinctions between commonly available IP65, IP67, and IP68 LED strips may seem subtle but hold significant importance. Referencing the chart above, we can observe that all these strips offer the highest level of protection against solids and dust. However, the key differences lie in their safeguarding against liquids.

  • IP65: Water-resistant. IP65 LED strips are “Protected against water jets from any angle” Please note that IP65 LED lights should not be submerged, as they are not fully waterproof.
  • IP66: Water-resistant plus. IP66 LED strips“Protected against powerful water jets and heavy seas.” It’s essential to avoid extended submersion of IP66 LED lights, as they are not designed for prolonged underwater use.
  • IP68: Waterproof. LED strip IP68 lights are “Protected against permanent submersion in water (Up to 13 feet).” IP68 LED lights are suitable for underwater applications and can withstand extended immersion.


It’s important to understand these distinctions to ensure the appropriate use of LED strips in different settings.

Examples of IP Ratings and Uses

Lower IP ratings are suitable for:

  • Indoor applications
  • Use within sealed products
  • Enclosed signage
  • When utilizing aluminum extrusions

Higher IP ratings are suitable for:

  • Unsealed outdoor settings
  • Environments with substantial debris
  • Areas experiencing heavy foot traffic
  • Locations prone to high splashing
  • Areas subject to frequent contact (handling by people)
  • Wet or moisture-prone locations

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How do I determine the right IP rating for my application?

A1: Consider the environmental conditions. Higher IP ratings are suitable for outdoor and wet areas, while lower ratings are suitable for dry indoor spaces.

Q2: Can I cut waterproof LED strip lights to fit my space?

A2: Yes, most waterproof LED strips are designed to be cut to the desired length. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cutting and resealing.

Q3: Are waterproof LED strip lights energy-efficient?

A3: Yes, they are highly energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting options, helping you save on electricity bills.

Q4: What is the lifespan of waterproof LED strip lights?

A4: The lifespan can vary but is typically between 30,000 to 50,000 hours, depending on usage and quality.

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